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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Tuesday 23th of feb.

Hiya this is my very first blog its really for transsexual girls (or men) who are just starting out in the real world or friends or family who want understand gender dsyphoria (as medical people call it) . i've known since i was a child that i was in the wrong body, i always wanted to do girlie things as a child but was told "only girl's do that your a boy", it was a very confusing time growing up i came from a very "manly" family you know men are men and women are women, there were seven of us mum, dad four brother's a sister and me it was quite the man's home. my father was brought up on a farm in ludlow in shropshire then he was a fireman on the trains then he moved to manchester and worked at kelloggs as an engineer then he met my mum, my mum was brought up in a roman catholic family in manchester after she married my dad she became a housewife and brought up five chrildren she was a hard worker she would be working around the house non stop till she went to bed, i would often copy how my mum or sister walked, sat or ate there meals, mum just thought i would grow out of it my brothers would tease me about it but to me it was me being natural and i did'nt careless what they said. Saturday night was my mum's night out and i would watch her putting on make up she always put an effort into it and looked very glam, sometimes i would be left on my own the others would wait till mum and dad had gone out then they go out with there mates again i did'nt care it gave me the oppertunity to dress in my mum's clothes it felt right was the only way i can describe it but something was still missing and i just could'nt work it out, it was a few years later when i was looking in a sunday newspaper there was a story about a man who changed his sex to become a woman this immediately frabbed my attention and i read it it had my name written in her story, then i realized " i'm a woman in a man's body" just like the woman in the newpaper it made perfect sense to me i kept the article and read it over and over again. To be